Unlock Bedroom Door with A Hole

How To Unlock Bedroom Door with A Hole

You’ve come home from work and you can’t get into your house because the lock is gone. This can happen to anyone, even people who are aware of the dangers. A door without a lock is not secure enough to keep intruders out, so now you have to find a way to get inside. 

It might be tempting to try and break the window or use a rock or something else that could cause damage but there are other ways.

There are many different ways to unlock a door with a hole in it that won’t cost you anything and can be done with household items. Read on for some simple solutions!

Tips For Opening A Door With A Hole For Unlock Bedroom Door with A Hole

If the door is not too heavy, you can force it open by hitting the door with a hammer and a block of wood. This will take some time to do but should open without any problems if done properly. Another way to open a door with a hole in it is to use a screwdriver and push the screwdriver into the space between the doors to force them open.

 A third option for opening a door with a hole in it is to use something like an ice pick or crowbar and pry them apart from each other. This might be difficult because of how thick and solid the doors are, but can be easier if you’re using them on either side of the lockhole instead of right in the middle.

Check The Windows

If there are windows and they are locked. It would be possible to break one of the windows and use the glass to unlock the door. This is not a 100% foolproof solution and might be illegal, but you have no other choice. In this case, you should call a locksmith instead of breaking the window yourself.

Use A Coat Hanger And String For Unlock Bedroom Door with A Hole

This is one of the easiest ways to get in. Just take a coat hanger and bend it until it makes a hook. Thread the string through the hook and tie the ends together, forming a loop. Put this on one side of the door and then pull back. Hard on the other side, causing the string to come up in between the door and lock. This should unlock it.

Open The Door By Wedging Something In The Hole For Unlock Bedroom Door With A Hole

The first step to unlocking a door with a hole. In it is to find something that can fit inside the hole. A flat piece of metal, like a playing card or an old credit card, will work well.

The next step is to gently place the object into the hole. So that it wedges securely inside and covers the hole. The lock should now be released and the door should open. This method works even if you don’t have anything on hand that can fit into the hole.

Cut Out The Lock And Use It

The first way to get into a bedroom door. With a hole in it that has no lock is to cut out the lock and use it. This might sound strange but it makes sense. The lock is designed to have a key inserted into it in order to open the door. So cutting out the lock will make it possible for you to use the key. 

Take your old, broken or non-existent lock and cut out the part . Where the bolt slides in (the part with the teeth). Then, put this between two pieces of wood and use a screwdriver to attach them together. Stick your key in and voila! You now have a makeshift lock that can be used on any door that doesn’t have an actual one.

Push The Door Open

This is one of the easiest ways to unlock a door with a hole in it. You may have to push hard if the door sticks and you don’t have much clearance space on either side. But as long as there are enough inches for your hand, this should work for you. If not, read on!


Sometimes things don’t go as planned. A door you need to get into might have a lock with a hole in it. What can you do in this situation?

There are a few options. One is to cut out the lock and use it. So you can still unlock the door from the other side. You could also push the door open if you have enough strength to do so.

 You could try wedging something in the hole. Like a coat hanger or string, and use it to turn the knob and open the door. Whatever you do, be safe! And remember that if you don’t have any of these options, there’s always someone who does. Don’t hesitate to call a professional locksmith to help out.