How To Separate Dining Room From Living Room

How To Separate Dining Room From Living Room

Living in a small space? Have two separate living spaces that need to be one cohesive room? It can be tricky, but here are some ways to make it work.

Dining rooms and living rooms need to have different purposes.

 Dining rooms should be for dining and entertaining guests. Living rooms are used for relaxing and having family time. But what if you want the best of both worlds? Here is a list of tips on how to separate the dining room from living room using simple design tricks.

What’s The Problem?

There are many ways to create more room in a small space. But, one of the most common is by creating a dividing wall with a door that opens to each other. This allows for guests to retreat when they need some privacy and it also saves on space if you have two or three bedrooms coupled with one living room. 

You can still have your separate rooms, but their purpose is combined into one.

To make sure that the two spaces don’t merge into each other, there are a few things you can do. First, keep the furniture as far apart from each other as possible. Place them at opposite sides of the room for people to walk around them without having to turn either way.

 Second, use different colors for the walls and furniture set up so they don’t blend together too much. Third, use plants or other decorations that help distinguish one from the other such as photographs and candles in the living room and flowers in the dining room. 

Lastly, hang up drapes so that both will be illuminated equally. This will give it an open feel yet still have privacy when needed.[3]

This post discusses how to separate a dining room from a living room when there’s not much space available between them on an apartment/condo level or on a ground floor level with another floor above it (especially if you share it with roommates). It includes methods of keeping both areas of your home private while making them appear as one cohesive unit!

Design Tricks To Separate Dining Room From Living Room

Use a room divider: A room divider can be used to separate the living and dining room. Simply use a piece of furniture that is tall enough to create privacy.

Create an entryway: If you have any space to spare, create an entryway with some chairs or a bench. This will give your guests a place to sit before coming into the main living area.

Hang curtains in the window: Hang curtains on either side of the window for privacy. This will make it feel like two rooms and will also provide some light blocking for those who need it.

Install shutters: Shutters are great for providing privacy and creating two spaces within one room. They look nice, too!

What Do You Need?

Decide which room you want to be the living room. If you are unsure, think about what you will use the room for more and make a decision.

Next, figure out where the TV should go. If you want your guests to watch TV while they are eating dinner, place it in the dining room. If you want your family to watch TV together while they eat dinner, place it in the living room.

You will also need furniture that matches both rooms. For example, if your dining table is round, then get a coffee table or other furniture that is round too so it looks cohesive in both spaces.

What To Look For In Materials

A simple way to make two spaces into one is to use the right materials. If you want the space to feel like one room, then select materials with the same decorative aesthetic.

 For example, if you have a dining table in your living room then go ahead and get a sofa that matches the style of the table. This will tie both spaces together and make it look like they are really one.

Some other things to consider when choosing materials are:

  • The color of all surfaces
  • The type of furniture you’re using
  • The flooring in each room
  • The tones and textures used throughout

Look For Versatile Materials

The first thing to do is look for versatile materials that can be used in both rooms. This will help you with design and budget. Glass doors are a great option, as they can be used as a divider in your space.

 You can also use curtains or blinds to define the space. It’s all about creating boundaries between the two spaces while still being able to see through them.

Choose A Color That Makes The Room Feel More Intimate

One way to make a room feel more intimate is by using one color scheme throughout. If you have a dining area, paint it in a light hue like pastel blue or beige. If you have a living room that doubles as the dining area, paint the walls and ceiling white. This will make the space look bigger and hairier.

Soft Fabrics And Furnishings Are Better For A Living Room Than Hard, Uncomfortable Ones

If your living room doubles as a dining room, you want to make it comfortable for people to lounge in. This means soft furnishings and fabrics are key. Use furniture that is covered with cushions and provides plenty of space for people to enjoy themselves.

The use of similar colors on the walls and furniture can help maintain unity between the two spaces. For example, if you have a blue sofa in your living room, consider using dark blue walls to keep the space feeling cohesive.

Another way to separate living rooms from dining rooms is by using design tricks like mirrors or by adding a table runner, which functions both as decoration and a more effective dividing line.


The living room is a multifunctional space that can be used for a variety of purposes. Dining in it is just one of them. There are a few tricks for how to make the room work for you. 

Try adding a variety of soft furnishings like armchairs and sofas, as these are more inviting than hard, uncomfortable ones. Add some color to the space as well as texture and thickness to your furnishings. In the end, you are making your home an enjoyable place to be so that your guests want to stay for a while.

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