How to Place Rug In Bedroom

How to Place Rug In Bedroom

As one of the most important pieces in any room, the rug can make or break a space. It provides a foundation for your furniture and decor, and sets the tone for the entire room. The right rug will help anchor an aesthetic and provide warmth and comfort to your space. To get started, you’ll need to measure your room first to determine how much floor space you have. From there, you can choose what type of rug is best for your room. Here are some ways to place a rug in your bedroom so that it looks great!

Measure Your floor

You’ll want to measure the floor of your bedroom before purchasing a rug. Once you have that measurement, it’s time to determine how big of a rug you need. If you have a king-sized bed in the center of your room, for example, then a 10-by-10 would be perfect for this space.

Find Your Perfect Rug Style

When you’re choosing a rug, it’s key to find one that suits the decor and mood of your space. This way, you can use it to guide the focus of your room.

 For example, if you want a space that is cozy and relaxing, a shag rug is ideal. On the other hand, if you want a brighter space with more energy, consider using the brightest colors and patterns in a flat weave or wool rug.

Choose The Right Shape And Size

You’ll want to choose the rug size based on the floor space in your room. You can also measure your furniture and see what is most fitting for the space. The shape of the rug should be considered as well, and you may need to get creative with its placement if you don’t have a long rectangular space.

 Some shapes that work well are rounds, ovals, or irregular shapes that fit snugly with your furniture.

Rectangular Rug

If you have a lot of space in your bedroom, you could use a rectangular rug. Rectangular rugs are often placed in the center of the room to provide balance and make the room feel larger. This type of rug will give an even, consistent look throughout your room. To get the most out of this type of rug, pick one with a pattern that has long designs that go from one end to the other.

Square Rug

If you have a square or rectangular room, a square rug can help fill the space. Measure the length and width of your floor space to determine how many square feet are available. Place your rug near a wall, but not too close. If you want to fill the center of the room with furniture, then place two rugs side by side, one on either side of the furniture.

A round rug is also an option for a square or rectangular-shaped room. For example, if your room has seating in the center and there’s no other furniture in the space, placing a round rug in the middle will create more design interest and make it seem like there’s more going on than just sitting down! Plus, it’ll tie together all corners of that space without feeling like your furniture is trapped within hard edges.

If you have a small rectangular or square space, consider placing two small round rugs next to each other to create interest and draw the eye into your space.

To add visual interest to your bedroom while still making it feel cozy and comfortable, consider adding an area rug (or two) under seating areas in order to ground them visually and keep them from floating away.

 If you have bedside tables with lamps on them, place one rug under each table. They’ll visually anchor themselves while providing ample warmth for those cold winter nights!

Place rugs strategically in your space

The placement of your rug is just as important as what type of rug you choose. Careful placement will create a balanced space and help to define the different areas in your room. Here are some suggestions for where to place a rug in your bedroom:

  • In front of the bed
  • Along the foot of the bed
  • At either end of the bed
  • Under a nightstand or desk
  • By a window
  • Near a sofa or sectional

In front of a window or entranceway

One of the best ways to place a rug in your bedroom is in front of a window or entranceway. Not only does it provide a great design element, but it also helps with soundproofing and privacy. 

It can also help cover up the space between your bed and the window where you might accumulate shoes or things that would be in people’s way.


If you’re new to the idea of placing a rug in your bedroom, it can feel intimidating to try. But with these 7 easy steps, it’s a piece of cake!

  • Measure your floor .
  • Find your perfect rug style –
  • Choose the right shape and size –
  • Rectangular Rug –
  • Square Rug –
  • Place rugs strategically in your space –
  • In front of a window or entranceway