How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Without Sanding

Every woman wants to keep the kitchen clean and keep up to date.They don’t want to spend too much time on it.They want to know how to paint kitchen cabinets without sanding.

Do you want to see instant updates to your cabinets?Then arrange the paint color as you like.Many people think that it takes sand to paint kitchen cabinets. This is not entirely true. If you know the rules you can draw your kitchen cabinets without sand.But if you paint new and you can use light sand to make better use of this bond.You will need to prime. You can sand before. Use some mineral spirits to thoroughly clean the cabinet you are drawing.A rough sponge is to be used with it,The result is slightly rough when using it.

Keep reading all the paragraphs to know how to update your cabinets with paint. If you want to know how to paint kitchen cabinets without sanding, follow the steps below and do work

Save The Floor

Before you start, make the floor shiny. Care should be taken to ensure that there is no liquid on the floor. For this you need to use some paper and tape. You can buy roll rosin paper for this. It is cheap and endless. It is convenient.

Remove Doors – Drawers

You can’t start painting without opening the cabinet door. Removing doors and drawers is the second step through which you can learn how to paint  kitchen cabinets without sanding.

If you want to draw easily, you have to open the cabinet door. You can make drawing easy and flat. For this you can use kitchen masking tape. The label stays good when it is used. Remove not just cabinet doors but drawers. Simply arrange so that you can draw easily. If you want, you can use small blocks of wood. This will increase the beautiful look. These will help keep your back well in the long run.

Placement Mark For Door

You need to mark on the door. You can use a nan to mark the door. It is especially good to use tape. Mark the tape into pieces. For this you mark it with various symbols or numbers. Can be identified with modern markers.

Remove Cabinet Hardware

Use the drill after pulling the drawer and removing the door piece. You will notice that there are different types of screws in the hinges. Remove them. You can remove the knobs and pulls if you want. You will get an updated style. It needs to use the bab to find the right hinge. You can use spray paint to draw all the hinges.

It could be metallic satin nickel (Rust-William Universal) spray paint. Carefully place the hinges on a large cardboard board. Label each of them. This allows you to easily place them behind the door. Hardware removal can be done faster by applying the Dandy Ryobi drill.

If you buy the wrong hinges or screws, you will not be able to use them .If the hinge gets stuck then you need to spray. You can use wax to make the jar level nicely. Take a brush to use the wax and work carefully on the hinges. Spray-paint can match your hinges well.

Choose color

If you want to get the right look of how to paint kitchen cabinets without sanding you need to choose the right color.Choosing the right color is quite a difficult task. Because it depends on the general finish of the kitchen. Have you always dreamed of using a certain color! You can take the color white. These colors go well with the kitchen. The white color faded further in the farmhouse. If you paint your main room white, you can use a different color here. Then you can use light gray color. Different types.

There is a gray color. You can use any of them. Note that light gray and white are not the same color. The most important initiative is to paint without sanding. You can use it for a few days to complete the task.

Actual painting

You choose a small foam roller and a good brush. You can draw cabinets using these two things. Apply after smoothing the colors well. The roller will not work well everywhere. You can use a brush in those places. If you have a good brush, everyone will like it after using the finishing milk paint. This color dries quickly. You don’t have to wait long to dry. Besides, the price of this color is not very high. It is very affordable for change

Apply top coat

Water-based top coats can be used for finishing high performance. Many people use topcoats for very little brightness. It requires a small foam roller and a good brush to use it. The topcoat can be applied nicely with these two things. The topcoat has one important thing.

That is the use of thin layers and the use of long lines. Be careful if there are animals in the house. Because your surface may be wiped off or hair may come from their body and become visible in the coat. Any kind of dirt or hair falling in the topcoat will look very frustrating. You can make 3 to 4 quotes as you wish. But keep in mind that it will take about 2 hours to dry.

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Dry well will increase the brightness a little. You will feel brighter and you will have great joy in your mind. Widely protective finish for this topcoat cabinet. It is very important to protect every fingerprint, traffic, grease, etc. in the kitchen cabinet.

Safety Gear

It is important to use nitrile gloves and safety goggles when working with paint. If you open the door of the house, you have to open it well so that the ventilation is good. Because every color is chemical. These will irritate the eyes or skin. This is not what we want. It is very easy to understand. It is very difficult not to understand again. Now you need to use some grease and a circular motion. It will take a lot of light when the cabinets are dry.


The above necessary steps have been outlined above regarding the drawing of kitchen cabinets without sand. By following these steps you can easily learn how to paint kitchen cabinets without sanding. In many places there are differences between bright colors and new hardware.

But never be afraid. You have to follow every step as a rule. You will definitely benefit if you read the paragraph. To more information be stay my Home Guide Way Blog site.