How To Install Outdoor Wall Lighting

How To Install  Outdoor Wall Lighting

A well-lit home is a welcoming home. Outdoor wall lighting accentuates your exterior, making it more inviting and beautiful during the day, while also providing safety and security at night. It’s the perfect way to highlight architectural detail, create focal points, or make an entrance shine.

 Before you start shopping for new outdoor wall lighting fixtures, be sure to read through our handy guide for some tips and tricks on how to install them correctly!

Consider Your Exterior Space

Keep in mind the size of your outdoor space. Outdoor wall lighting that is too small or large for the area will be ineffective and could look out of place. You want to use fixtures that are the right size for your space; not too big, not too small.

Outdoor wall lighting should be installed at eye level with your home’s front porch steps. This is typically about 5 feet off the ground, but you can adjust this based on how high your porch steps are.

It’s also important to keep outlet placement in mind when installing outdoor wall lighting. It’s a good idea to have exterior outlets or extension cords nearby so you can power all of your outdoor lights without having to do any wiring.

It may seem obvious, but you should measure the length of string light bulbs before buying them. You don’t want to go by the wattage of a bulb if it means you will have too many bulbs and not enough wire to install them properly.

If you plan on using solar-powered lights, be sure that they are within direct range of sunlight during daylight hours and charged up during nighttime hours when they won’t be receiving any natural light.

Install a dusk till dawn sensor with your new lighting system so it turns on automatically at dusk and off again as soon as morning breaks!

Know The Benefits Of Outdoor Wall Lighting

So what are some of the benefits of installing new outdoor wall lighting fixtures? Outdoor wall lighting provides safety and security, while also highlighting architectural detail and making an entrance shine.

 It’s great for illuminating your exterior during the day. It also provides ambience at night, which is perfect for entertaining!

How To Install Outdoor Wall Lights

Installing outdoor wall lights is a relatively simple process. You just need to know what kind of outdoor wall light you want and how high to install it. 

Outdoor wall lights are usually installed on the outside of your home, at a height of 12 inches to 24 inches. If you have an older home with plaster walls, be sure to make the installation screw holes large enough so they don’t hit any wires or pipes inside.

If you have siding around the perimeter of your house, there’s no need for brackets that go against the house. You can attach them directly to the siding or fascia board instead. If you live in a place where winters get especially cold, it may be a good idea to install exterior insulated wire for increased safety and performance (just be sure not to obstruct its flow).

There are many types of outdoor wall lights available—from traditional line voltage models that plug into an electrical outlet, battery-operated fixtures with solar panels, and photocell sensor models. Whatever your style preference, there’s an outdoor wall light out there for you!

Considerations For Installing Outdoor Wall Lights

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when installing outdoor wall lights.

  • Design: The style, size, and color of the fixtures should complement your home’s exterior.
  • What type of electric service do you have?  If you have an outdoor outlet or electrical box on your house, it’s likely you can install outdoor wall lights directly to these locations. But if not, there are a few other options to explore. You may need an electrician to install an outdoor circuit or run a line from your home’s breaker panel.
  • Lumens: Outdoor lighting should offer at least one foot-candle (10.7 lux) of illumination in order for pedestrians and drivers to be able to see well enough for safety when walking near your home at night.  LEDs produce about three times more light per watt than their incandescent counterparts, which means they are a great option for LED powered outdoor wall lights!

Outdoor Wall Light Placement

The placement of outdoor wall lighting can depend on the style of your house. For example, if you want to highlight different architectural details, place lights on either side of that detail. If you want a focal point, such as an entrance, you’ll want to place lights underneath it for maximum visibility.

No matter what style you’re looking for, there are many different types of outdoor wall lighting fixtures that will give it to you. There are many different types: including.

  • Awning lights which are perfect for highlighting windows
  • Wall sconces which give a more formal appearance
  • Under cabinet lights which provide ambient light and make an entrance shine

You’ll find these types and more at home improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot. You don’t have to spend a fortune! Outdoor wall lighting is surprisingly affordable and there’s something for everyone’s price range.

How To Measure And Install Outdoors Wall Lights

Before you buy a new outdoor wall light fixture, measure the height of your fixture and decide if you want to install it on the ground, or have it mounted on the exterior of a wall. Outdoor wall lights are easier to install when they’re mounted on walls; they’ll be more secure and will not be in danger of getting knocked over by children or pets. 

To attach outdoor wall lights to a wall, use screws and anchors that are appropriate for your type of exterior surface. Be sure to select a location for mounting outdoors light fixtures that is level with respect to the ground.


Outdoor wall lighting is a great way to make your home feel safe, secure and welcoming. The right lighting can make all the difference in the world when it comes to impressing your guests or making the most of your family backyard.

If you’re not sure where to start, we have some helpful tips to make the process a little easier.

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