How To Decorate Dining Room Shelves

How To Decorate Dining Room Shelves

Dining room shelves are an excellent way to show off your favorite things and create a warm space in your home. They are also functional, because they provide extra storage for all the necessities that come with hosting guests at your home.

This blog post will walk you through some ways to decorate your dining room shelves so that they invite conversation and create a lovely atmosphere in your home. If you’ve always wanted to add some art to your walls but don’t know where to start, these tips will help you do just that!

Decorate The Dining Room Shelves

The first thing you should do when decorating your dining room shelves is to take a look at what you already have. What are some of your favorite items that you want to show off in your home?

 The easiest way to decorate your shelves is by incorporating items that you already love into the design. This will give the space a more personal touch and make it feel like home.

One of my favorite ways to decorate shelves is with plants and flowers. Plants are such an inexpensive way to add life and color into any space! Check out this article for 10 ideas on how to incorporate plants into your home décor. Flowers are also a great decoration, especially during the springtime!

Fill Your Shelves With Books

Books make a great decoration for your dining room shelves. They add character to your space and let guests know you have a book lover in the house! You can fill up an entire shelf with books or simply choose one to add to your collection.

 If you want to highlight a specific type of book, use different levels of shelves.  For example, you could use a short shelf for cookbooks and another one for fiction books.

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Display Your Favorite Things

One of the best ways to decorate your dining room shelves is by displaying your favorite things. You can use books, statues, or paintings to add an accent and make the shelf come alive. If you want to try something a little different, get creative with a grandma’s old china set that you don’t use enough. Use it as decor and showcase it on the shelf.

Make Your Shelves Functional And Festive

Dining room shelves can be functional and festive! Hung correctly, they can double as a place to put your pots and pans when you’re cooking. And if you want to add some art to your walls but don’t know where to start, these tips will help you do just that.

Start by painting the bottoms of the shelves (if they are metal) in an off-white color. This will make the shelf appear higher than it really is and create a more dramatic effect in the room. Next, find or paint artwork that matches your dining room decor and use it as another way to show off your favorite things. 

Put some of your favorite books on the shelf, too! Finally, fill in any empty spaces with decorative objects like candles or faux plants. When people come over for dinner, they’ll never notice that your dining room’s only decoration was once its shelves.

Wall Art

Adding art to your walls is a great way to make your dining room feel cozy and inviting. You can get as creative as you want with this, but it’s best if you pick something that has meaning to you, or that will inspire conversation.

If you have children, one of the easiest, most affordable ways to add some wall art is by using their artwork. This is a really simple way for them to feel like they have ownership of the space and it’s also a nice way for guests to see what kind of child you are raising. With all the crayon drawings up on the wall, this might be the most decorated part of your home.

You can also use photo frames for wall art. You might have some great memories captured in old photographs from high school or college that would be perfect for your dining room walls. 

It’s easy enough to find an inexpensive frame at any store and then print out photos of those memories. If you don’t have any pictures of your own, why not go through family albums? Pictures from vacations or old birthday parties could be just what you need.

Another idea would be to hang up artwork that other people made. Etsy has plenty of options when it comes to prints priced less than $50 (which is more than manageable). They even offer custom quotes and lettering so that you can find something with meaning for your home!

Locating The Right Spot For Your Wall Art

Where to put your art on your dining room shelves is up to you. You can place it near the entrance, or behind the table where you’ll be eating. Or, why not create an eclectic gallery wall by using a variety of different pieces?

Here are some tips for choosing which pieces of art to decorate your dining room shelves with:

  • Include a few smaller frames or regular sized frames that fit in with the other decor in your home. This will help create an inviting and lighthearted atmosphere.
  • Pick a color and theme for your framed art or paintings. You can do this by selecting one color for all of your framed art, or by selecting one area of focus (i.e., flowers, abstract shapes) to use as inspiration for your art selection.
  • If you want large-scale artwork on your dining room shelves, include a small piece in the mix so that it doesn’t overtake the space and feel crowded. A small framed print next to a painting or collage is perfect!

Making A Collage To Fill A Wall

One way to make a statement in your dining room is to create a collage on your wall. This will be an easy task if you have enough space on the wall that needs decorating. 

All you need for this project is a few frames, some photos, and some glue. You can use any photos that you would like from your family’s recent trip to a favorite vacation spot to old childhood pictures of your family. If you want the collage to be more about yourself, try using pictures of your friends and family.

 To ensure the success of this project, be sure to put each photo in a frame that reflects its contents. For example, if you are using children’s school photos, put them in simple wood frames with white matting; or if you are using travel pictures, put them in square black frames with white matting.

Next, choose an adhesive that works best with the size and type of picture frame. There are many different glues out there so it’s important to get one that will work well with the materials you have chosen for your project.  Once all of your pictures are cut and framed, it’s time to start arranging the collage! Arranging is an artful process so take some time getting it right before putting glue all over everything!

Framed Pictures

Framed pictures are a simple way to decorate your dining room shelves. You can frame any picture you want, no matter the size or shape.

There are two different ways to set up framed pictures on your shelves. One way is to have them side by side with the frames touching. The other way is to space them out evenly on the shelf.

Choosing which one looks best will depend on the type of pictures and what you’re trying to communicate about your personality as an individual or as a family.


To give the dining room a fresh feel, start by decorating the shelves. Fill your shelves with books, display your favorite things, and make your shelves functional and festive.

 To give the room a more personalized touch, look for wall art to decorate empty spaces. To make the dining room feel more festive, find the right spot for your wall art. Framed pictures and collages are great ways to fill a wall.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and decorate those shelves with these simple tips!