How To Accessorize A Bedroom Dresser

How To Accessorize A Bedroom Dresser

Bedroom dressers are a common fixture in bedroom sets. They can come with or without drawers, and they contain clothes, jewelry, or other personal items. 

Bedroom dressers are important for keeping the bedroom neat and organized. However, it can be difficult to know how to accessorize a bedroom dresser to match your style. 

Dresser accessories like mirrors, lamps, and frames can help you make your room feel more personalized. Here are some ways to get started in dressing up your bedroom dresser.

Choose your dresser style

The style of your dresser may dictate the type of accessories you choose. For example, a sleek modern-style dresser might look best with a mirror or a lamp. A cottage-style dresser might look nice with a rustic frame and some decorative pillows.

Add a mirror to your dresser

Mirrors are a great way to dress up any bedroom. They can be used for different purposes, so it is important to think about what you want your mirror to do in your bedroom. If you’re looking for a mirror to make your room feel larger, then buy a large one that can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor. 

If you have a sliding door, hang a mirror on the inside of the door so that when it slides open, there is an instant reflection. Mirrors are also great if you want light in the room and if you want something decorative.

Pick out the right lamp for your dresser

Your bedside lamp is an important accessory that can add to the decor of your room. You may want a lamp with a length-adjustable neck or one that has a flexible arm so you can adjust the position of the light. Chandeliers are another option to consider if you want to be able to direct the light exactly where you need it.

Other options include table lamps and floor lamps, which can add a nice aesthetic touch. Lamps come in many different styles, shapes, and colors to fit your needs.

Match the lamp to your bedroom décor

The lamp is a crucial piece of bedroom furniture because it’s the one thing you’ll always see in your room. Finding a lamp to match the rest of your décor is an easy way to get started dressing up your dresser.

If you have a more traditional look, choose a lamp shade with an embroidered pattern or lace trim to match the style.

 If you have a more modern look, select a sleek and minimalist lamp shade with no patterns or details. You can also find lamps that match the colors in your other furniture pieces, like blue lamps for blue chairs, red lamps for red couches, etc. After choosing the type of lamp you want to go with, all you need to do is pick out a light bulb to complete the look.

Clothes are the first thing people notice when they enter a bedroom. They don’t, however, see anything else in the room. One way to fix that problem is to match your lampshade to your dresser color.

 For example, if you have a dark oak dresser, pick out a black or white lampshade. A white lampshade with a golden frame would also work well with this type of dresser.

Pick the right floor lamp for

Lamps are a great accessory for your bedroom dresser. There are many different types of lamps to choose from, such as floor lamps, table lamps, and chandeliers. 

Floor lamps are great because they can be adjusted to any height. They are also very versatile in the amount of light it gives off to adjust for different needs. Table lamps and chandeliers offer you more specific light options that can make your room feel a little more cozy or sophisticated.

When choosing a lamp, you should consider the style and function of the lamp first. Next, you should think about the size of the lamp and where it will go in your room. Lastly, consider how much light you need from the lamp and whether you want a warm or cool tone to that light.

Add accents to your dresser with frames and décor

You can dress up your room by adding frames and décor. Use a frame to put a family portrait on the dresser or hang a poster of your favorite band on the wall. You can also decorate with things that you love, like flowers or a photo of your pet. Add some framed pictures or posters to show off your interests.

Put it all together with artful accessories

Most people can figure out how to accessorize a bedroom dresser with items like candles, jewelry boxes, and books. But you can also decorate your bedroom dresser with other items like artful frames, lamps, or mirrors.


You now know the right way to accessorize your dresser and how to do it without going over budget.

Take a look at what you’ve created and feel confident knowing you have the perfect balance of style and function.

Now that you know how to accessorize a dresser, what are you waiting for? Get started tod